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Hasan Sever Inc. Co., was established in the year of 1986 as a company in the construction and the contracting sector. It has possessed an important experience in the business development activities which involve the financement, construction, marketing and sale in its business model.

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As Hasan Sever Incorporated Company, we walk with the objective of bringing our group standards to the international standards without making concessions in quality and service in our fields of activity within the our corporate structure. We keep going with an understanding that brings the satisfaction in service and permanence in production forward. We defend the fact that the first condition to maintain permanent supremacy in a sector is to attach enough importance to human resources and correspondingly to the research and development activities.

As Hasan Sever Inc. Co., with an intelligent usage of technology and modern architectural understanding, our vision is being a company not only follow the quality but also producing the quality, as well. Raising the life standards of people, is our major principle


We carry on our operations in the service area based on the free market economy, in a structure which has sustainable growing potential, with a team that has the technological experience and a fully equipped management staff and a competent administrative staff.

Our priority is to continue our practices in time and without making concessions on quality through our fund of knowledge and experience. Our aim as Hasan Sever Inc., is to maintain the development of social life standards and to support urban transformation projects with the aim of preventing conurbation without making concessions on truth and honesty.

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