Hasan Sever Inc. Co., accepts to serve respect to man, modesty, trust, quality and spirituality toward humanity as one of the main and unchanging elements of management mentality. We take to develop the society as our duty , to raise the society’s life quality with priority.

We do not see the scope of our social responsibility understanding only limited with our business activities and their effects. We determine our social responsibility and our priorities in this subject by taking the best for the society and environment into consideration. We take care of having a pioneer part for the protection of democracy, human rights and environment. We believe that it is the most important element of a sustainable growth. For this reason, we provide our workers to use their personal benefits precisely and correctly. We undertake an honest and fair and befitting, non-discriminatory, secure and healthy working environment. We make the required effort for the personal development of our workers and we pursue a balance between the business life and the private life. As Hasan Sever Inc. Co., believe that all our workers have the right to work in conditions that are appropriate to human honour, in a healthy and secured environment. Our workers are the most precious possession of us and providing the security of our workers and protect them, are our business target of top priority. Among the workers who work in the corporation, we do not accept the discrimination due to the language, race, color, gender, political view, faith, religion, denomination, age, physical disability and similar reasons.

We apply healthy life programs with the aim of contributing to the protection of their health which is the most important factor in our workers’ leading a life of good quality and successful.

We manage the environmental effects which may arise from all kinds of our activities with a conscious of responsibility. We expect the spirituality to develop and propogate the best environmental solutions, nature friendly technologies, applications and support all kinds of ventures that shall increase the environmental consciousness.

As Hasan Sever Inc. Co., we make effort for the development of our society within the framework of institutional responsibility principle. We support our workers in the subject of their being volunteer in appropriate social and communal activities.

We act sensitively towards the traditions and the cultures of Turkey and the countries which we are in service, we act according to all the legal regulations. We incite our companies in the subject of their developing themselves by complying to the international standards.

We give an open commitment that Hasan Sever Inc. Co. shall fulfil all kinds of its responsibilities for more peaceful people, a better world and future.