Our Environment Policy

Our main policy is to be a company which aims to make contribution to the development of the social environment that we live in and to produce innovation. It is our environment policy to protect the clean environment in which the happy people live in the minimal conditions which are permitted by law with great care, spend endevaours for the sake of paying our debt to nature besides taking from it and try to prevent and decrease the pollution with all its efforts and being a company which renews itself continuously.

Our OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Policy

As Hasan Sever Inc. Co., we accept the human being as the most precious possession in all our activities and we adopt reducing all kinds of loss which may occur to minimum as our primary business target, by creating a more secured and healthy working environment. We see the development of the workers’ health and security levels as a necessity of productivity. By applying the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety Management System, we try to provide a continuous development by revising the system periodically and following up the performance.

With this aim;

We comply with all the local law, regulations and standards concerning the subjects of the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety.

We evaluate all the risks in the subjects of the Occupational Health and Occupational Safety, we take preventive measures.

We evaluate the effects of the new projects and processes with regard to Occupational Health and Health Security.

We aim at the zero work accident and occupational disease by annihilating the hazards in their sources.

We develop systems which intensify our losses in case of any accident or an emergency case occur during our activities.

We encourage our workers and contractors on the subjects of occupational health and security for reaching success and continuous development in the direction of their being fit and healthy.