Our Policy

In the competition environment of our day, with the concious of the human is the one who creates the difference;

To employ the most qualified person to the position;

Being an employee who creates equal opportunities and evaluating all the applications of the qualified candidates regardless of their race, language, religion, gender, ethnical group, nation, color or physical disability,
Providing a workplace culture where mutual trust and respect is found and where all the workers feel themselves as valuable and may endeavour to succeed our mission;

Being the employee who is preferred by the qualified labor;
Selecting and employ the labor in the best quality which carries our company to the future;
To encourage the company personnel to be successful, to support the entrepreneurship of the talented and successful personnel;
To develop the company team spirit;
Providing all the workers to understand the things that are expected from them and to help the development of the education and career plannings, is our chief principle.

Performance Evaluation

The Performance Management; enables us to determine our targets and priorities, to be successful in our prospective plan and projects by focusing on our targets. Our company in which is worked with target and result oriented, we aim all our workers to run toward a common target. In the performance evaluation, we not only evaluate the appropriateness of the persons to our business targets but also to the Values and the Behaviours of our Company.

Education Activities

We organize education and development activities for providing our workers to reach an outstanding performance. While organizing these activities, we care about the role of the human resources. We plan our educations in three categories as the basic, occupational and managerial. To these educations, we contribute to these educations, the occupational and personal developments.