Today as an international corporation who work as conscious of the secret formula that the successful corporations may explore, that is to behave the customers, guests and the workers with human sensitivity, we feel proud of carrying the same fundamental principles of us, from past to today and have them developed more.

In the world which globalizes more in every passing day; the new and invisible balances of enterprise are fervour, durability, determination, leadership and marketing talents. The enterprises which result in great successes, have a common property; all of them reserve a great share to research and development, orient their finance resources correctly, contain the company experts who rule the market in itself and lay the necessary importance on the human resources.

Here, the spirit of entrepreneurship which we hold in us and canalise its delicate balances, have a great role in the rapid growth and today’s success of our group. Our group, by means of its educated, talented managerial staff and experienced workers, succeed to reflect its service concept focued on customer-satisfaction to its target mass thoroughly by combining it with its sectoral knowledge and experience. Beside the investments made by following the recent advances, its not neglecting making investment to the human resource which makes these technologies become meaningful.

Our aim is to provide a better life quality for humanbeings and do our part for the continuation of our country’s development. We aim to provide to create the strategies which comply with the new world markets which are continuously changing and developing, by bringing innovations to our company for becoming a world brand and more importantly, making investments to new fields.

Our firm, which takes the road with the principle of the man is the most important resource, continues its growth steadily without sacrificing from being true and honest through an understanding of a family who hold each other tightly with all our workers, increases the technical adequacy and capacity with all new project that are involved in the firm structure.

While our firm, is proceeding with confident steps in the road of becoming the best of the contemporary working fields and the sector which expands every day well-supported technical staff, have displayed the success of delivering som many projects which have a specific character and are to be completed within so short periods before its time and in full and have won the appreciation of the related institutions.

As our company, which has a contemporary, honest, honorable, successful and uninterrupted past of so many years, has reached to nowadays with confident steps; we also have to emphasize particularly that we gratify the institutions and organizations, entirely. These principles, which are the main factors of the present strong position of us and carrying the innovations and the technology in the sector which the age requires, have been our fundamental principles. Our aim has always been to carry our firm – which we have established in the year of 1986 with the aim of giving a regional service and have reached to a position of a shining star of its sector – to the third millenium on strong basis.

I would like to express my gratitude to the institutions and organization which have given us the opportunity of carrying their projects into effect by trusting in us as well as all our workers who have carried us to nowadays.

Hasan Sever

The Chairman of the Board of Directors