Green Energy For A Clean World

The greatest problem of today… We need energy for to operate our factories, heating, using technological tools, electricity and much more things. In order to meet these needs, there is a great war in all the world. The countries, companies and people are struggling in this race for the sake of reaching resources, to own it in a cheaper way. When the used resources are thought, this is a very understandable case. For meeting our need of energy,  we  widely use fossil fuels namely, petroleum, natural gas and coal.  Though these fuel types meet our needs, they are also accompanied by some problems, as well. For example, the fossile fuel resources are restricted, not common and expensive… This case creates unfairness  in reaching the energy as well as raising the cost considerably. For possessing the resources, wars break out and this fuel type threatens the world peace, however the worst harm is against nature.

It is again the nature which offers the solutions of all the problems which threaten the world. So many things which perhaps we are unaware  of them and  continue to  happen around us every moment, meet our needs of energy. The sun which heats our world, the wind which cools it, the rough seas and even our trash provide sustainable energy opportunities.  The alternative energy systems are preparing the world to become a place more liveable.

The way of protecting the world is in nature

The sustainable, cheap, common and clean energy search has pushed the human being towards the nature. For example, we have learned that we could produce energy because of the sun’s rays which it shall offer to us. We have started to produce electricity from the motions of the winds, ocean streams. By means of these resources, we an meet our needs in a more liveable world. We have started to guarantee our future due to the alternative systems which annihilates the carbon emission.
We are constructing a world for us and the other generations in which still can be be breathed.
The alternative systems attract attention with also their low costs. The indefiniteness of the resources such as the sun, wind and wave, their being not belonging to any one and their being applicable in everywhere,  reduce the utility cost of them to zero. Due to these energy resources which can be reached by everyone, there shall be no need for energy struggles as well as  making great strides  for the world peace. In short, these systems promise a clean, costless and peaceful world.

The alternative energy resources are started to be used in developed countries and gradually are  becoming  more common. Though with slow steps, the rest of the world also follow them. For example,  sun energy fields were constructed for to meet the energy requirements of 22 thousands of housing in Japanese. As China being in the first place, the USA and the European countries produce electricity with wind energy power plants. New investments are being made for alternative energy in Turkey, as well.

They produce energy from trash.

The most striking one of the alternative energy samples was doubtlessly, Sweden… Sweden, as a Scandinavian country, Sweden provides in large quantity due to the recycling.  In the country, the heating and electricity demand of the houses over 250 thousands are met from the trash. Even every trash in the country is collected with the Sweden public in different categories and changed into energy. Also, this mission goes too far that Sweden’s trash is finished!  The country has found the solution of this problem again from the trash: Sweden shall import trash from Norway. The trade which has started with 80 thousand ton annually, is guessed that it shall gradually increase.

The alternative energy systems offer us a clean, sustainable, cheap and liveable world. To refuse this invitation comes to the meaning of  destroying  our future. For this reason, the increase of the clean energy investments is our  greatest wish. Everything is for to   leave  a healthy world to the future generations…

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