Is Urban Transformation Equals to Upcycling?

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization defines the urban transformation as the road map which is drawn appropriate to the economic, social and spatial specialities of that city in the direction of the city’s problems and needs. According to this, the urban transformation is people oriented application and its aim to establish the liveable cities.

The urban transformation in Turkey comes into play in cases such as the application area’s being a risky region with regard to the life security, its ground conditions, the claim of the property owners, the substructure and transformation deficiency in the region, the zoning and property problems, the physical and social equipment deficiency, the problems in the land prices, the qualified housing area needs.

The changing and renewal of the cities in Turkey, even if not for anything but  is obligatory with regard to their readiness  to a probable disaster case especially to the earthquake.   Of course, this renewal process makes its zero if it destroys and brings the new to its place by giving harm to the old and the people in it. Thus, it is necessary to match this “renewing” concept with the “improving”; not with “destroying and creating the new”…  Of course, this renewal and strengthening bring forth the  need of a physical destruction.  However, this destruction must  not occur  in the  identities of the city and  the people of the  district whose destruction shall be realized. Beyond this, the demolishion of the shanty houses and building the newer ones in their places, annihilating the old irregularity and building the new irregularity by means of deluding for  a while,  also make the transformation unfair. How correct is it to qualify an urban transformation which necessitates the newer one  after a few years?

The urban transformation shows one of its faces which is problematic and  possible to beautify easily by taking the necessary preventions in Kagithane.  In this district, the citizens who yearn for the love of income, have started to  knock the property owners where the urban transformation has started. It is in the hands of the Municipality to  say stop to these income lovers which confuses the minds of the property owners… For this, first of all, the inspection mechanism of the municipality  should be carried  to a perfectly operating state. It should be necessary to standardize the prices and informing every apartment owner about this and a special desk or a unit should be appointed which are interested only in these problems and solutions.

As a necessity of the urban transformation mission; it is all of our hope and need to transform  always not toward the back but toward the forward…In this context, it is a requisite for   the citizen to   assume   an attitude pursuing his rights and possess a  questioning thought-behaviour  structure.

This being the case, wishes  to so many cities which transform to forward for Turkey…

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